A Lullaby in the desert – Mojgan Azar

Rating – 5/5 Stars

Eulogizing little blessings of life, like being born in a free country and breathing in freedom, sounds frivolous unless we come across a story as told by Mojgan in “Lullaby in the desert”. It is an account of the grueling journey of Susan, which is heart wrenching and trepidatious. She seems to be always at the wrong place – an Iranian in Iraq, a female employee in all-male staff, a daughter in a patriarchal society, a woman in a men’s world.

Patriarchy forces her to leave her country at a young age to escape a forced marriage with a man twice her age. Since then, she strives every other day with throes of life. Somehow she settles in her life in Erbil. It gets turn upside down with the advent of ISIS. As an Iranian, her situation is more purgatory than others. She decides to flee, and hence begins the gruesome sequence of murders, torture, bloodshed, guns, and brutal smugglers. Every life is in peril, be it women, children, or men.

There are distasteful moments in the book capable of tearing apart its readers. Most of us know about the situation in middle-east countries like Syria, but this book takes you on a near-real arduous journey of these countries where you feel the anguish, see the brutality, and hear the screams. It is a compelling story, a page-turner, unputdownable. The entire story is wrapped in the thread of melancholy. I couldn’t guess what could happen next. Mojgan did an admirable job of keeping the readers on the edge.

I wish the author has added an epilogue to tie up the threads of characters left in between and an afterlife of remaining characters.

Overall, it is an exceptional story. A must-read for everyone. It won’t let you sleep. Highly recommended.

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