7 Proven Ways to keep your daily life exciting and alive

One of the most peculiar aspects of human tendency is that we get bored easily of everything. Even if it is one of our biggest dreams, once it comes true, then we enjoy it for some time and then the excitement fades away gradually. For instance, we want to get a new job, we get it, then we start hating it very soon. So the bottom line is – No matter what you do, who you are, what you possess, what you wish for; you would eventually get bored of it. Now the question is how to keep your life exciting always. So here are 7 ways to keep the life alive inside you.


1. Develop a new hobby (every time you are tired of your previous hobby)

Most people fail to turn their hobby into their profession. A hobby is something that keeps you away from your problems at the professional front. If you are one of those lucky ones who love and enjoy their work then also you should look for an activity for your leisure. So start from anything you enjoy like music, reading, playing, painting. If you appreciate it, then you would definitely find time for it from your daily life.

2. Be a Fan.

Start following a celebrity let it be a film star, a cricketer, a sportsman, a politician or a leader. Once you start following someone you get attached to that person. His life’s excitements become yours too. If a movie of your favourite film star is about to release you would be equally excited about it. Once it does well, you would be happy too. Same is the case with the cricketer. When your favourite batsman score runs you also feel the thrill and when he breaks the records you also feel a part of it. Being a fan keeps generating the energy inside you.

3. Keep planning a trip (Even if you are not willing to go)

To escape the boredom of monotonous schedule, we always look for vacations. You should keep planning one, even if you don’t have time to go. Find good places, try searching for ways to reach there, the best places to stay and the best food to eat. Try making an itinerary and keep modifying it. I bet it will give you the same excitement as going on a real vacation. It has two benefits. First, when you actually get a chance to go on vacation, you would already be prepared with your plan. Second, you would become the Encyclopedia of holidays. You can suggest others for their planning of a trip.

4. Keep finding new offbeat spots to explore.

When it comes to exploring some places we are left with some common options like Shimla, Manali, Mussorie. Why don’t we try finding some new spots when you are tired of every other place. Find some hidden gateways, read about them and list them for you. You might get a chance to visit them or by seeing something offbeat you might actually take out time to explore them. This again will add to your knowledge repository and will keep you energized.

5. Watch any sport in which your country is a participating team

Patriotism is something, that is inbuilt in every individual and it is on the peak in India when it comes to a cricket match. It could be a football match or rugby for other countries. But it is not always about cricket in India. Remember, when Mary Kom reached the finals in commonwealth games? We were not aware of the rules but we had the same level of enthusiasm to witness her win. So it’s not the game, it’s the patriotism that makes us curious for a win in every sport. The sport doesn’t matter, just see if your country is playing and then go for it. Losing the same might dishearten you, but it’s worth taking the chance to keep the zeal awaken.

6. Online Window Shopping.

Shopping could be boring for some while some would become super excited upon hearing the word. Window shopping is a phrase used when you look for the products without any intention of buying them. With the evolution of online shopping, this has become more of a regular task. You may say that we would end up buying and wasting money by following this idea. So, the actual suggestion is to look for expensive and precious things like luxury watches. You would be excited to know how much a product price can vary and it would also motivate you to work hard to become a buyer of this league.

7. Read, Listen, Write Stories.

Stories, whether real-life incident or fictions, always draw everyone’s interest. One more advantage of stories is that they make you more creative. So every time you get a chance to find a new story, grab it. Once a while try to write your own stories by taking content from all the stories you heard so far or you can try being original as well. Who knows you might end up finding your hidden talent and silent happiness in your life.

Try any of the ways or all of them and check if it breaks your monotony.

All the best!!

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