6 Ways of traveling between Mumbai and Pune

Distance between Mumbai and Pune is approx 150 km. There are multiple ways to travel between these destinations, you may choose your preferred method according to the cost and time.


1. By Air

A number of flights fly regularly between these cities. Average time of flight minutes and prices vary between 3k to 3.5k

2. By Taxi

Hiring a taxi will cost you between 2k to 4k and is easily available from the airport also. Travelling time will be around two and a half hour.

3. By own car

Driving with own car will also take around two and a half hour while the price will be considerably low as compared to other options.

4. By Bus

There are several vendors that can be contacted for booking bus from Mumbai and Pune. Average travel time will be around 5 hours. The price will vary depending upon the category of bus. It could be around 500–1500.

5. By Train

Same as other methods, there are a number of trains running between these stations. Average time to travel will be around 3 hours and cost will be around 800 rs.

6. By Carpooling

Being a popular route, many commuters travel daily on this. With the help of carpooling apps, you may share your ride to reach there. Average travel time will be around 2 and a half hour. The cost will depend on your options but it may range between 800–1200 rs

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